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Grilling has become a growing phenomenon in the Czech Republic. It is a seasonal marketing and sales opportunity that can be likened to other big seasonal topics, such as Easter or Christmas. However, with any big opportunity come a lot of products, brands, retailers and others trying to capitalize on it. For Vitana, the grilling season is the most important in terms of its dry spices category and the length of the sales period it represents. However in reality it does not just compete within its category for attention and usage. During this season Vitana fights for attention amongst products and brands that are all linked to the season from the grills and equipment itself, drinks, snacks and even through to retailers who offer pre-marinated meat. Like its broader competition and that within its dry spices category Vitana had previously done rather seasonally generic activities which had faded into all of the other activities and messages being done by all. They were short term and tactical. The real challenge was to create an attention grabbing, long-term theme and platform that would work uniquely for Vitana’s entire grilling portfolio, a theme that made Vitana synonymous with the grilling season.


Business: Increase market share of dry and mixed spices by 2 p.p.Sales growth of 15 mio CZK Marketing: Create a long-term platform and theme, which boosts awareness and ‘ownership’ of spices category during grilling season for Vitana. Postitive increases in ‘main spices brand’ and ‘favourite spices brand’ in KANTAR TNS brand tracking KPI’s. Communications:Develop a memorable long-term platform that can work in a 360° integrated manner and will achieve an AI score above Czech norms in KANTAR MILLWARD BROWN LINK™.


Vitana uses Kantar TNS’s Lifestyle Study “Friendly” segment as the basis of defining its target audience, which broadly fits perfectly with the grilling season. A time and occasion when family and friends truly enjoy time together. This conviviality does not only relate to the enjoyment of the food but the company and atmosphere of the occasion as a whole. Grilling however offers up a different dynamic for our ‘Friendly’ woman, in that grilling is a bit of an adventure, it takes place outside of her usual comfort zone, the kitchen. Further, while she is the purchaser of the product, men play a greater role in grilling as they are more often than not on grilling occasions responsible for the cooking. Overall though for the target audience it comes back to the overall atmosphere that is created by her, her husband, friends and family that matters most. A very relaxed, informal and fun experience created by all the elements coming together for the occasion. This all helped in shaping the key strategic insight – “Spice up the fun of grilling”. An insight that was designed to inform and make the most of the atmosphere created in grilling occasions - the fun and informality of it, but also to do something that was differentiating and ownable for Vitana. Creating and developing a campaign which stood out from the typical generic grilling campaigns and messages which historically featured all the same visual cues regardless of product or category. Moreover it was about creating something iconic and attention grabbing which would make Vitana synonymous with the grilling experience and vernacular. The main message brought all this together in a simple, fun, vernacular related way for the target audience - we turned grilování into “gorilování”.

Kreativní a mediální strategie

Bringing this insight and key message to life was as simple as the creation of the message itself. We created a unique and strong visual manifestation of this iconic character, much like other internationally famous and effective characters of the past, the Jolly Green Giant of Tony the Tiger – we visually animated and illustrated a differentiating and ownable brand device our Vitana gOrilla. It personified in an impactful and truly fun way a character that not only boosts the fun of the grilling occasion, but is also a fictitious masculine grilling expert, unlike the typical and ubiquitous use of a TV chef which competitors fall back upon regularly. Importantly though, this created a long-term platform which could be used for years and grilling seasons to come, one of the key challenges that needed to be addressed. Further, another of the key challenges that this creative idea addressed was an impactful communications device that could be used across all communications channels. With regard to specific channels, apart from the awareness and reach role that television played one of the very important other channel that was core to media strategy was in-store. Creating impact in-store was vital both on-shelf and off-location. Obviously in terms of standing out from other activity from all other products and brands in-store but to also create the link from awareness to motivate purchase. With grilling not being just confined to consumers backyards or balconies, it was also considered important that the campaign could also use the opportunity to provide a ground up a approach where we could point out public grilling locations to consumers which they could rate following grilling there. Also the locations became a place where our ‘gorilla’ could appear as well.

Doplňující informace

The concept was extended into activation as well. Vitana created an online resource which mapped grilling locations throughout town. Public grilling hot spots where Vitana actually installed grills for free public use. These could then be rated by consumers for others looking for alternate places to grill outside of their homes. Further, they also created locations where our 'Grilling Gorilla' could make surprise appearances and consumers whom were using these grills and locations could interact with him. Creating quite a buzz amongst family and friends but also like the idea itself creating even more fun around grilling occasions.

5 - 10 mio


SUMMARY: • 27.7 million CZK sales increase year on year – 185% greater than goal. • 5.8% p.p. increase in market share year on year – 260% greater than goal. • 21% increase in sales year on year, with the same level of investment as 2017 • Quantitative concept test result significantly about CZ norm, an AI score of 5 vs. country norm of 3 in Kantar MB Link™ Test. A) Quantitative Concept Testing – KANTAR MILLWARD BROWN LINK™ TESTING PLEASE SEE APPENDIX 1 ATTACHED B) Brand Tracking Results – KANTAR TNS PLEASE SEE APPENDIX 2 ATTACHED C) Media Investment Gorilování 2018 TV 5.30 mio CZK Online 0.65 mio CZK PR 0.55 mio CZK (inc. microsite) Instore 2.50 mio CZK TOTAL: 9.00 mio CZK* *Media investment in 2017 was approximately same level C) Sales Results PLEASE SEE APPENDIX 3 ATTACHED

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